Leadership Goals

Our main goal here at the Neumann University Center for Leadership is to promote the freedom, autonomy and growth of our community in ways that are lawful, safe, secure and collaborative.

Through our alliance with the Delaware County Partnership for Public Safety, we will promote and sustain a culture of safety in the Delaware County Community.

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Our Goals

  • To promote, support and sustain a culture of safety and security in Delaware County for our community of businesses, institutions and community organizations.
  • To collaborate on promoting the safety and security interests to our people and institutions in a forum that values differing perspectives and diverse experiences.
  • To identify solutions to public and private safety threats.
  • To promote the freedom, autonomy and growth of our Community in ways that are lawful, safe, secure and collaborative.
  • To share the experience, expertise, resources and talents of our County’s public safety agencies, our business community, our diverse and dynamic workforce, government and academia in a forum that provides direction, resources and access to the information, tools and training that the entire community can use to promote a safe and secure environment.
  • To collaborate in the identifications of threats to the public good.
  • To provide a free and public forum for information, resources and training on threats to our community.

Our Objectives

  • Form a Leadership Advisory Group that reflects the diversity, strengths and talents of Delaware County to guide in the identification of community threats and to promote open access to information on safety and security.
  • To increase awareness and collaboration of public with public safety agencies.
  • To establish a point of access for safety and security information and resources.
  • To provide educational summits to identify threats, promote best practices and improve collaboration among interested partners to educate the community.
  • To sustain a Leadership Advisory Group to identify new challenges and opportunities.
  • To collaborate in the identifications of threats to the public good.
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