Entrepreneurship Video Series – Accounting for Small Business, Fall 2019

Bob Simpson, CPA Partner, Brinker Simpson, LLP


The Neumann University Center for Leadership has created a series of videos to support businesses and organizations on their path to success. This series provides short, easy to access videos with insights and resources from industry professionals, all designed to help small business owners start, manage and ultimately grow their business.


Bob Simpson is the Founder and Managing partner of Brinker Simpson & Company.  He has a varied background of entrepreneurial pursuits, and established the firm in 1989 when he decided he could simply do things better.  He’s also owned retail businesses, entertainment and computer consulting firms.  Bob has an extensive background in real estate investing, and shares his knowledge and experiences with his clients.  He enjoys the world of small business, and is especially proud of the success of many companies he’s advised from start-up operations to 2nd and 3rd generations.  Bob has also taught Entrepreneurial Courses at a local college, and consults on budgeting and finance issues with many local charities and non-profit groups.  He has facilitated numerous educational seminars ranging from planning for education costs to real estate investing to strategic planning for privately held companies.  He’s been a guest commentator on many radio programs, and government panels.


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