Linkedin, Facebook and Social Media for Career Growth – November 30, 2018


Participants will learn how to use Linkedin – one of the largest online social sites for professional career networking. Participants will explore the ways in which online profiles and social media can impact career ambitions and view best practices for safe and positive use of social media.

Participants will discuss how companies develop policies and procedures to direct the appropriate use of social media for employees. They will review ways in which companies use Linkedin for hiring purposes.

NOTE: Participants must have a basic LinkedIn account to attend and will have the opportunity for hands-on experience through the guidance of the instructor.  Attendees will need to bring the following: a resume, list of schools attended, a list of any previous jobs and names of up to 10 people they may wish to connect with professionally.  Note:  LinkedIn account sign-in information will be needed to participate. Attendees should create the account in advance and bring sign-in information with them to the workshop.

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