Workplace Professionalism – Fall 2017

Job And Career Building Skills


Participants will explore essential practices and soft skills valued in today’s workplace. Presenters and attendees will discuss traits expected in today’s modern, technology-rich workspaces. Attendees will hear about mobile apps and technologies used to support workplace productivity. Explore components of workplace success in daily activities, meetings, interactions and work luncheons.

Establishing Email Best Practices and Developing Telephone Skills
Using Computers and Mobile Devices on the Job
Finding Technology Apps to Support Work and Productivity

Improving Time Management and Determining Priorities
Participating in Events and Luncheons
Attending Meetings

Determining Dress Code Needs and Displaying a Professional Attitude
Contributing to a Team and Supporting Co-Workers

Understanding the Culture of your Workplace and Supporting the Mission and Goals
Providing Quality Customer Service
Understanding Information Privacy



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