Cyber Safety and Social Media

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Program Agenda – December 13, 2016

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Program Description

Social Media has empowered millions of Americans.  People who once complained about the media have become the media, trading personal, local and even national and international news, photographs and videos with friends, family and customers across the globe.

But opportunities created by and for people of goodwill have not been overlooked by the less altruistic.  Bullies, sexual predators, scam artists and overbearing marketers have found their way into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets.

The Center for Leadership is offering a three-hour seminar to help lawyers, parents and education professionals navigate the social media’s channels and shoals.  Expert professionals from the law, education and digital technology will offer the latest tools, strategies and practices to anyone eager to prevent social media abuses and promote safe, effective and positive use of transformative, collective communications.