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PAWS Courthouse Companion Program is Launched in Delaware County

September 16th, 2016

Recently, Delaware County Council joined the Court of Common Pleas and PAWS for People in launching a new Courthouse Companion program.

Courthouses across the country are starting to use “facility dogs” or “victim assistance canines” in courtroom settings, in waiting areas and in the courtroom itself where young witnesses find great comfort in having a therapy dog by their side. In Delaware County, the canines will not be in the actual courtroom.

Beginning on Sept. 20, ten pet therapy teams will rotate schedules in the Courthouse waiting areas for Juvenile Delinquency Court and Juvenile Dependency Court.

Their presence is intended to calm children, and their families, and ease their fears while waiting for court proceedings. More details on the new program can be found here:

Original post Delaware County Council – Facebook


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