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June 7th, 2016

Over 200 people attended our May 2016 Program ‘Planning and Preparing for an Active Shooter – Strategies to Protect You and Your Workplace from an Active Shooter’. Archives are now available. Please share these with colleagues and others who may be interested.


Archives are available in 2 formats:

1. YouTube: Watch the entire program on the Neumann University Center for Leadership’s YouTube channel.

2. Presentation PDF: Download the presentation

Links to the archives can be found on the website for Delaware County Partnership for Public Safety at

About the Program

The Delaware County Partnership for Public Safety held a special public safety program on Thursday, May 19 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon entitled “Planning and Preparing for and Active Shooter – Strategies to Protect You and Your Workplace from an Active Shooter.”


Representatives from the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office, Haverford and Radnor Township Police Departments and AlliedBarton presented for the program.
The program provided public safety leaders, business owners and executives, and the general public with current information on the potential threat of an Active Shooter in the workplace and other public venues.  Speakers explained how to define the problem, discussed preparation and prevention, situational awareness and response.


Public safety leaders that are tasked with preventing, preparing for, and responding to incidents involving an active shooter shared how they mitigate risk and the importance of maintaining situational awareness during events. Participants also learned about the resources available from local, county, state and federal public safety partners.

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